The Ultimate Solution for Check Fraud.
Founded in 1991, ChequeGuard Inc is the leading innovator in cheque fraud solutions for smaller and medium-size businesses and financial institutions. ChequeGuard's FormSuite for the IBM AS/400 series, and ChequeSeal™ and ChequeSuite™ for Windows allow businesses to integrate and rapidly deploy secure, controlled cheque printing and electronic payment solutions (In the USA: Automated Clearing House (ACH)), while concurrently creating a Positive Pay file for the bank as the cheques are printed by the customer.

ChequeGuard's ChequePoint™ product allows banks to offer Positive Pay solutions to business customers without requiring customers to upload cheque issue files that are traditionally required for Positive Pay (uploading is optional). ChequeGuard's solutions dramatically reduce operating costs frequently borne by both businesses and banks, while increasing the security of financial information shared.

2001: ChequeGuard is granted a US Patent for its ChequeSeal™ product. ChequeSeal™ is a “secure seal” encrypted barcode that can be printed on cheques and other documents. The barcode contains all of the critical data printed onto the cheque. Each encrypted barcode is unique to that cheque, and cannot be altered. Our patented barcode encoding and encrypting technology (encryption and decryption) can detect and identify altered or counterfeit cheques at the teller line, as well as during the back office sight review process or high speed cheque image processing.

● October 28, 2003: The United States Congress passes the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21).

● 2003: ChequeGuard joins the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FTSC). FSTC was a financial industry research organization comprised of banks, financial services firms, cheque printers, and other industry partners. It's purpose was to identify or develop image-survivable cheque security features that were useful to detect and prevent cheque fraud.

● 2004: ChequeGuard successfully passes FSTC's test for an image-survivable cheque security feature with its encrypted, image-survivable barcode.
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● 2006: ChequeGuard and FSTC announce the completion of a major project to identify fraudulent cheques before they enter the payments system using state-of-the-art ChequeSeal™ technology.
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● 2007: ChequeGuard joins a project to re-write the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for cheques and cheques printing in an image environment.

● 2007: ChequeGuard joins ANSI's Accredited Standards Committee (X9) to develop the Specifications for the Validation of Interoperable Check Security Features.


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